Monday, January 3, 2011


Dear readers,

Yesterday was Spoiled Eggs' 1st birthday.
What a year it has been.

January 2010:
Spoiled Eggs began

February 2010:
I started on Clomid and had the. worst. hot. flashes. ever.

March 2010:
I worked in the same office as C and we pretended to be Jim and Pam.

April 2010:
I went on a month-long blogging break. Boo.

May 2010:
I celebrated my mother.

June 2010:
I contemplated why not having kids can be a positive thing.

July 2010:
We started filling out paperwork for adoption.

August 2010:
Spoiled Eggs hosted its first ever giveaway.

September 2010:
We became certified for adoption.

October 2010:
We had Man Week and you met My Dad.

November 2010:
We met 4 MWMW amazing moms!

December 2010:
I was reminded about the blessings in my life.

It has been such an incredible year and I am so grateful to you, my readers.
I look forward to your e-mails and your stories.
I love running into you on the streets (thanks for introducing yourselves)
Thanks for listening to my adventures and thoughts on infertility.

To celebrate the birthday of this blog, I think a giveaway is in order.

Might I direct your attention to your left.
There you shall see a couple of new sponsors.
** Dear other sponsors, I will get your buttons up shortly. Promise.**
Sponsors rock.
They make stuff possible.

This giveaway is from Emily Yeager.
Emily does Glitter Toes.
A must.

Glitter Toes are a gel application that takes about 20 min to do and lasts for 6-8+ weeks depending on how fast your toe-nails grow.

They are instantly dry when we are done and are thinner than acrylic toes.

You get your cuticles all cleaned up and toes shaped in the process.

They come in a collection of colors that you choose and are only $20.

Age 12 and under are $15.

If you host a party of 6 or more, you get yours for free!

And the best part?

The winner of this giveaway will gets yours for free!! :)

So Happy Birthday To You!

To enter, visit Emily's Adorable Blog, leave her some love, and then leave a comment here.

If you're infertile, if you were adopted, if you're a birth mother, or if you're a mother who has adopted children, you may leave 2 comments.

Winner will be announced on Friday, January 7.
Now, go spoil yourselves and enter this giveaway!

Good luck everyone, and seriously, thanks for stopping by and reading.

Happy Monday.