Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Man Week Introduces...MY DAD

My parents in 2008 when they surprised me and came for a mother-daughter activity at church.

Remember my dad? He's on of my heroes, and he's certainly my biggest fan, and those 2 things combined mean my dad and I are pretty good buds. I get random texts from him during the day saying things like "when you're infertile you don't have growing pains, it's groin pains" or "is it possible to have a computer scan our scriptures and find every place that says 'the law and the prophets'?" I generally respond with something clever. Either that or I jump to my feet and go to work seeing if I can indeed find every place it says 'the law and the prophets' in the scriptures so that I can 1. make Dad happy and 2. beat my brothers in their quest to find the same phrase because I know my dad sent that text out 5 times, to all 5 of us.

Anyway, my dad has the best sense of humor, and life is always, always, always fun when he's around. I think you'll agree after you read his feelings on infertility and adoption.

My new bride's greatest desire in life was to be a stay-at-home wife
and mother. After finishing her last year of college (future
insurance?) and our first year of marriage, we concentrated on
actively starting a family. Nothing happened. Her doctor said to
first have her husband (me) checked. Bomb dropped! "You will never
have children." A major blow to a man's ego. You aren't as macho as
you thought you were! Take that, you whimp. Now what are you going to do? I resigned myself to the fact that I would never father any children, swallowed my pride, and
came up with 'plan B', which was adoption. Four and a half years into
our marriage we got our first baby, a son! We were given NO
information about his birth mother; none. But we now had a brand new
baby. He was ours and it was an instant bond. He was where he was
supposed to be; with us. Four and a half years later we got 'the
call' again, and we got our second baby, another son. Instant bond.
No info. Family now complete. ( Two is all you get). I felt guilty
that my wife did not have a little girl to nuture, but we could not
have been happier, that is until my wife's hair would not hold a perm.
Her beautician said " Go home and take the test. You are going to have
a baby". She did! Son number three! G-pa called this one
'home-grown', but no different than the first two; instant bond. We
didn't try to figure out what we had done, or done differently. We
just knew that it didn't matter what road you take to get to your
destination, (referring to our three sons, and how they came to our
family) as long as you get where you are supposed to be! Three sons,
Our sons! Our family, complete. Things just could not get any better.
That is until our fourth son was born. Yep. Another home-grown.
Instant bond. How good can life be! It seems that someone 'in
control' decided that the icing on our cake would be for our family to
have one more, and if life wasn't perfect already for us, this last
one was to be a girl. The feelings of joy, of pride, of gratitude, of
humility...they are still there after all this time. My wife did not
use her college education out in the work force, but chose to be a
stay-at-home mother for our five children. The result of that
decision is found in the New Testament in 3 John1:4 ,
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth".
They do, all five of them.
Thanks to a young bride whose greatest desire in life was to be a
stay-at-home wife and mother.