In 2009 Collin and I were told we’d probably never have children. We each have contributing factors to this diagnosis and infertility has essentially always been a part of our relationship. As a woman who spent her childhood dreaming of a house full of kids, infertility has been a hard part of my life, to say the least. With each month that goes by,  my heart aches that this wasn’t the month I got pregnant, and with each baby-less year that has passed, that ache is more fierce and more real. In 2011 we were blessed with the greatest part of our lives, a baby boy, Nolan, who came to us through the miracle of adoption. Adoption has changed our lives for the better and if Nolan is the only child we get to raise, our hearts will remain as full as he made them the day we laid eyes on him. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about infertility, it’s that it never goes away. I still struggle with infertility and its effects every single day, and my heart yearns for that house full of babies I imagined as a little girl. My heart also aches for those of you who are experiencing infertility as well. I hope this is a safe place for you to discuss your feelings and experiences, and I hope to always remain open and honest with you about the reality of infertility. It is a huge part of our lives, but it does not rule our lives, and day by day, and with each kiss from Nolan, we are reminded that good things can come of bad things, and Nolan is our living proof.