Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tells-Daddy's Advice

My sweet parents on my wedding day.

I love my dad. I am 20 something, and have been living on my own for years now, and I still call him daddy. He's taught me more than almost anybody in this world and most of his teaching was done purely through example. He's the man. My favorite piece of advice my dad has ever given me is one that he has given me my entire life. I love it because it applied to me at age 4 and it applies to me now. His advice was:

If plan A doesn't work out, go to plan B.

Plain, and simple but profound and powerful - just like my daddy. I remember calling my parents to tell them what the doctor told us about being infertile and knowing before I even dialed the number what my dad would say. If plan A doesn't work out, go to plan B.

I have been loving that advice through our infertility experience, and I've been loving it this week. This week somebody stole my bike (insert largest frowny face of the year here) our scooter quit running, and our a/c in our car went out. All of those things piled on top of 20 credit hours just about threw me over the edge, but then I remembered my dad's advice. So we went to plan B. Actually when the bike got stolen the scooter was plan B and when it quit running the car was plan C and so now we're on to plan D but you get the picture. :)

And the awesome thing about all of this, is that when plan A doesn't work out, and you don't take the time to dwell on it but go ahead and move straight to plan B (or C or D), it all works out! It has for us with our cars, with housing situations, with school, and especially with infertility.

Thanks Daddy for your awesome advice. Anybody else have a great dad who gives great advice? Or a great mamma, or grandparent? I'd love to hear about it!

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