Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BIG FAT NEWS!!! it's not what you're thinking. We're not pregnant. That is what you were thinking right? I mean if anybody ever says anything like "big fat news" to me all I can think about is "oh they must be pregnant". But how lame is it that people who might not ever be pregnant don't get to have really big moments of news sharing-ness and use phrases like "big fat news" and "we've got something to tell you" and "are you sitting down"? It's kind of not fair. So I submit that we, as infertile women, use any of those phrases at any time we want. Much like I just did in the title of this post. Agreed? Agreed.

So the news. Ahem...I mean, are you sitting down? Because I've got something to tell you. Something big and fat.


I love the cute 'congrats' confetti they put inside the letter

Our letter came in the mail today telling us that we are now officially certified to adopt and to be parents to a little child. My husband could be a daddy!! I could be a mommy!! Most boys and girls feel this excitement of possibilities and 'coulds' and 'mights' at puberty, but we got ours today!

For the first time, in 3 years, somebody told us yes, you can have children.

To those nice people I say,

you'll never know how you changed our lives. Even if a sweet birth mother never picks
us to parent her child, we will forever be grateful that you told us we could.

C and I are so excited and we haven't even seen each other yet today. I am anxious for him to get home so I can jump into his arms, give him a sweet kiss, and hug him way too tight for his own good.

Some of my friends say that when this letter comes in the mail it's a weird sort of equivalent to finding out you're pregnant. It's kind of the first really big step to actually holding a baby in your arms. Alex calls it paper pregnant. I like that! We're paper pregnant. And we're really excited.

I hope your Wednesday was as wonderful as ours. :)

***C made it home before I finished writing this post, and I did indeed kiss him sweetly and hug him tightly. Just thought you should know.