Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MWMW Round Four-71 Toes

I love Thanksgiving and the feeling of gratitude that sucks people in. Sometimes I feel like my infertility has robbed my attitude of gratitude, but today I don't feel like that. I'm so grateful for the strength that infertility has been to me, and I'm especially grateful for all of the women out there who do not struggle with infertility and who are grateful for their children.

Somebody who I've been blog stalking for months and months is somebody who comes to mind when I think of motherhood and gratitude. I could write a post all about her love and adoration for her kids, about her love and adoration for her husband, and about her incredible motherhood skills. But instead, I will let you see for yourself.

Go visit Shawni.

You will never be sorry.

Happy Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving. I will be back Monday.

P.S. She's also an incredible photographer. ^