Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nice To Meet You

Dear World,

After a year or so of wanting to do this, I've finally decided to create this space for venting, sharing, informing, and learning about infertility. I'm right in the middle of this whole not being able to have kids thing and I'm constantly searching for ways to exude my thoughts and energy concerning the matter.

Infertility has brought so many things into my life; pain, sorrow, emptiness, awkward moments like I never could have imagined, anger and loneliness. But on the flip side it has brought laughter, adventure, strength, knowledge, compassion, understanding and a bond between my husband and me that I owe to my spoiled eggs.

I've been through scenarios that comedians couldn't write on their best days. One time I stood at a wedding reception with my husband at my side while a family friend went on for at least 5 minutes about how we are certain to have at least 10 children and how each of them will be so adorable and yada yada yada. I just smiled. I figured it was nicer to do that than to say "actually the likelihood of us having any children at all, much-less 10, is pretty small so eat that.

I've received phone calls from my unwed friends saying they're pregnant and aren't sure if they should keep the baby or even carry the baby.

I've sat through movies about losing children and cried uncontrollably with the only comfort in sight being my husband's arms around me while I knew full well that he completely understood my pain.

I've been through it all. And my bet is that you all have some pretty funny, crazy, sad, encouraging stories as well. So here's to this being a place to share those stories, and to learn a little bit more about infertility. Because let's face it...infertility sucks, but if you have to go through something that totally bites, you might as well be able to go through it with somebody else.