Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A couple days ago C's brother and his wife had a precious new baby boy.
C and I got to stay with the other kids while mom and dad were gone.

While at their house, the 7 year old girl called me over to look at something.
"Aunt Ash come look under our Christmas tree"
I was sure I was going to hear a grand total of how many gifts she had.
I was wrong.
Instead, she showed me every single gift she had placed under the tree for members of her family.
She was so excited about everything she was giving.
She didn't even look at the gifts with her name on them.
I was reminded.
If my life were a tree, I would certainly be found, sitting under the tree looking for babies.
Zero. Zero.Zero.
Zero, would be my grand total count at the end of each day.

My tree would be pretty empty.

But how many opportunities am I missing to fill my tree with things
FROM me?
I might not have children of my own, but that doesn't mean I can't love every child I meet.

I should be filling my tree with love for other children.
And with gratitude for a year of infertility that brought C and me together in miraculous ways.
I should stop counting how many gifts I do or do not get, and start counting gifts I give.

Happy Wednesday.
And Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve