Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday-Did You Know?

Did you know that every year, about a week before Christmas, I take a pregnancy test? I figure, it's totally worth it because if it says 'positive' then that would be the ultimate Christmas present for C! And if it says 'negative' then what else is new. This year was no exception. On Tuesday morning, right after C left for work, I said I prayer (I always do) to ask that no matter what the test said, I would be accepting and ready to move forward. Then I took the test. It totally said negative, and even though I had been feeling strange and was really hoping it would say positive, I knew it would tell me no. My prayer was answered though because I got up, moved forward, and Christmas was awesome! (More on that later).

As a part of my moving forward this time around, I'm going to invest in a book called The Fertility Diet.

It is a book written by Harvard Medical School students and is a compilation of years and years of research that studied the effects of food on over 19,000 women who were trying to get pregnant.

I'm buying it, reading it, and then I'm going to try it.

It's worth a shot right?

I believe that God will allow C and me to have children when the time is right, but I also believe that I have to be active and do my part. So since 2011 is declared "The Actual Year of The Baby", I will start by reading The Fertility Diet.

Who's with me?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I sure was blessed.

{Meet Herman, my Christmas fish}
Happy Monday.