Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Tells-Green Grass

Sometimes it feels like my grass is a rusty shade of yellow with dead pine cones and pokey things that hurt your feet when you walk on it, and everybody else has grass that feels good between the toes, is a vibrant and luscious green, and each blade is soft and tender.

My grass:

Other people's grass:

But due to a Higher Power, usually when I start feeling like the grass is indeed greener in someone else's pasture, I get a pretty good awakening.

Like the time I was complaining about infertility to one of my good friends and then she said, "at least you have a good husband". Her husband left her. I felt terrible.

Or the time I was complaining about having to go to school and my friend said, "I wish I could go next semester so I could graduate but I just can't afford it". Terrible again.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that really, the grass isn't always greener, and that in reality we determine the greenness of the grass we walk on.

Take my sister in law Karen for example. About 5 months ago she found out she was expecting. A couple weeks later she found out she was expecting twins. And about 2 weeks ago she found out that the twins really want to come chill on Earth. Like today. So Karen is sitting in a hospital bed for the next who knows how long, trying to keep those babies inside.

I was catching up on her blog the other day when I realized that in my opinion she was given some pretty crappy grass, but in her opinion, her grass has never been greener. Again with the whole eye-opening thing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is 2 fold; 1. go read Karen's blog. She's amazingly optimistic and a terribly good writer. And 2. I'm going to try to make my grass feel a little greener, because infertility isn't the absolute end of the world.


Happy Tuesday.

P.S. I realize my posts have consisted of very impersonal and crappy pictures as of late, but I fear that I can not find my camera cord, so pictures of Christmas haven't been an option yet. Soon though. Soon.