Monday, June 28, 2010

T for Two

My whole life I anticipated graduating high school, falling in love, marrying, having children, having more children, having one last child to top of my bundle of joys, and then spending the rest of eternity doing my very best to be a good saint, loving my husband to no end, and spoiling my children rotten. That was the ideal, perfect life for me. So, in conjunction with the whole being a good saint thing, prior to marriage I began taking heed the words of my church leaders and I began a year supply of just-in-case food storage.

The other day, I had some of my family members over, and the amount of butter I had in my freezer quickly became a topic of conversation, and induced much giggling. :) I was confused at why it seemed so strange for me to have so much butter in my freezer. Aren't we all supposed to be working on a year supply? It wasn't until today that I realized I have been avoiding reality. You see, heavily anticipating loads of children by the time I was 25, my year supply was aimed for that of a family of 10!! (And giggle they should have.) And my year supply isn't the only thing in my life that I was/have been/still am over-shooting.

It was a quick and sharp realization that there are only 2 of us in this house. Not 10. And oh how sad it is that I've been missing out on some of the things that are made just for 2. I've spent the last 3 years longing and lingering for 10, that I've forgotten to see the beauty in 2.

We still want babies. Lots, and lots of babies. But that day isn't here yet. And until it is, I've decided to make an effort to live life for the 2 of us, not the 10 of us. Because 2 is better than one, and for the time being, 2 is even better than 10. So here's my list of things that can be done, only in pairs (or can be done more easily without little tiny people).

Scrabble (because once you start adding player, you start adding hours)
Randomly deciding to go on vacation
Eating the same thing for dinner every night all week
Eating nothing for dinner every night all week
Bike rides
Working out
Shopping at the farmer's market instead of Sam's Club

and probably my all time favorite thing to do with just the hubby


You can't do nothing with kids around. They've always gotta be doing something. So here's to a week of not buying more butter, enjoying doing nothing with my husband, biking to the farmer's market, and maybe (if he got the hint) randomly going on vacation.

Do you have any fun things you do, just the 2 of you, that would be harder with little munchkins?

Also, check this site out. I found it when I googled "stuff to do with just 2 people". It's hilarious.