Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fame and Fortune

Have you ever met somebody that you just knew would be famous some day? I totally have. Her name is Alex. And she's practically famous already.

We vacation next door to each other, her husband is my cousin, and she's en essence who I want to be when I grow up. She can do anything and everything, including making the adorable blog topper at the top of my page. She's got the fame, and I've got the fortune, because I really am fortunate (or blessed, or lucky, pick your poison) to know her. Go visit her.

In other news, we are excited for our family to grow, and we’ve decided to do that through adoption. We anxiously await meeting a birth-mother who is willing to let us share in the joy of a little miracle. If you know anybody who is seeking a family for their child, please tell them about us, and give them our information. We love you all, and look forward to our family of 2 becoming a family of more. Thanks everyone.

Now, we're off for a day of fun. More to come.