Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Time To Remember

A lot has happened to/for/with us these last few months:

Graduating college

Nol was born

We moved out of a beautiful little home in our dream neighborhood and spent a few wonderful months living with Coll's parents

Nolan's adoption was finalized

Nolan was sealed to us

We packed up a moving truck and spent one last weekend with our family in the White Mountains

We drove through state, after state, after state, and ended up in Illinois

Nolan and I went from seeing our daddy whenever we wanted to him being gone a lot for school

Subsequently, Collin's having to learn how to juggle home, family, church, school, and personal life and I'm trying to learn to be patient and be a mommy with help from Collin less, and God more.

These changes have all (every. single. one. of. them.) been good. That isn't to say they've been easy, but they have been good. I've learned to love, accept, and roll with change. We've had a lot of change over the years. You know, infertility, positive/negative pregnancy tests, adoption, losing jobs, getting jobs, graduation, moving, etc. But I've learned that there are a few "steadies" no matter what. Love, God, family, and now this little guy.

I'm so grateful he's on my list of constant things that will always be there to buoy me up and make me happy. He's so tender, innocent, sweet, and forgiving. Especially when he's sleeping. :) I love him.

What are your "steadies" that get you through changes, hard times, and good times?

Happy Thursday.
P.S. Don't forget to go here and here to read about the upcoming changes on My Spoiled Eggs. And don't be shy. I really, really want to hear from you! And again, thanks so much to all of you who have already contacted me! This is going to be great!