Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Make Over Madness Part 2

(This picture makes me happy)
Thank you all so much for your e-mails and support after yesterday's blog. Today I have more fun things coming your way.

Each week, My Spoiled Eggs will be doing several things:

answering FAQ of readers
featuring a success story
asking a question, seeking your responses
talking about HAPPY things

and more.

Here's where you come in.

If you have a question about infertility, adoption, doctors, insurance, medical options, adoption agencies, or anything else, we'll address it on My Spoiled Eggs.

If you have a success story in regards to infertility meaning; you've had children, you haven't had children but you've come to terms with infertility, you've adopted, you've beaten the odds, you've conceived naturally, you've conceived with medical help, or anything else, we'll tell your story on My Spoiled Eggs.

If you have a list of things, a bulletin board, a room in your home, a favorite vacation spot, a go-to ice cream joint, a picture, or anything else that makes you happy, tell us about it and we'll put it on My Spoiled Eggs.

When we post a weekly question and you have an answer, COMMENT! And help other readers of My Spoiled Eggs.

What you can do RIGHT NOW:

E-mail {myspoiledeggs@gmail.com} if you:

*Have questions about anything regarding infertility or adoption (subject line: QUESTION)
*Have a success story (subject line: SUCCESS STORY)
*Want to share what makes you happy (subject line: HAPPY)
*Have additional ideas or needs you'd like to be addressed on this blog (subject line: OTHER)

Do it now!! We, and so many others who have dealt with infertility can use the support and love we feel from others who know, in some way, how we feel. We'd LOVE to hear from you! E-mail pronto! And tell your friends! Let's help each other!

Happy Tuesday!