Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hump Day

Pictures below taken last year by my wonderful sister in law, who's coming into town soon and will be taking our photos!! She's also got time slots open so e-mail her if you're needing some great pictures for the holidays!
sugartassi {at} gmail {dot}com
She's GREAT!

All 4 of my brothers, and all 5 of the boys in my husband's family (including C) and one of his sisters, plus our dads, plus our brothers in law, plus 2 of our Grandpas, plus most of our cousins, plus most of my friends, plus most of our uncles served missions for the LDS church.

They each left the house at age 19 (some a little later) and went to a place they're never been before, and stayed there for 2 years, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They all went to some crazy places. Here are just a few;

The Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia)
South Africa

And the list could go on. Anyway, my oldest brother left on his mission when I was only 6, and the youngest brother in my family left when I was 16 and there was pretty much always a missionary gone while I grew up. One of the coolest things about missions is that boys can't call home whenever they want. In fact they only call home twice a year; Christmas and Mothers Day. The rest of their communication was done by old fashion letters, once a week. I loved when my brothers wrote home! It was so fun to go the mailbox and see a letter with foreign stamp and run inside and hand it to my mom so we could read it together.

And though my brothers served in different places, and some of them served 10 years apart, they all spoke of the same thing in their letters, almost every week, and that was Hump Day.

They loved when Wednesday would roll around because the week was officially half way over if you could make it over the hump.

That's how I'm feeling today. Sometimes I wish there were a million of me so I could get everything done. On the other hand, bless the hearts of all of you if there were a million of me. Oh sweet mercy.
It's hump day, and all I have to do is climb over the hump and the rest of the week is down hill. I think that's such a fun thought. Our week is so easily split into parts that make it feasible.

I look forward to hump day all week . It seems like everything is better during the last half of the week; thoughts of infertility are not as daunting, the house gets some attention, sports teams play way better during the weekend than during the week, I get to see my husband more often. Life is just better after hump day. Do you agree? I'd like to hear from you! Which part of the week do you like best? The first half, or the second half? Is Hump Day encouraging or discouraging to you?

And speaking of giving my house more attention...thanks so much to ALL of you who gave me your house-cleaning tips. I took them to heart yesterday and tackled my kitchen and my front room. I may or may not have had to skip class to do it. :) Oh how I long for the day I have a dishwasher! Until then, less complaining and more rejoicing because after all...IT'S HUMP DAY!!

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