Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Giveaway Hip Hip HOORAY!

I love meeting new people, and I especially meeting new people through friends of friends, etc. This is a friend of mine who I met through my husband's work and she doesn't know it, but I blog/etsy/facebook stalk her regularly! Her style is impeccable, her taste is dainty, and her talent is sensational. Meet Christina! She's down to earth, and she's totally got YOU in mind because this week we'll have 2 WINNERS! Read below to learn more about Christina, and then do the following to enter the FAB giveaway!

Leave a separate comment for each of the following things you do/have done:

*Follow Spoiled Eggs
*Blog about Christina's etsy shop; Cameo
*Facebook/Tweet about the giveaway
*Grab the Spoiled Egg button

The winnerS will each get to choose one item of their choice from Cameo!


my mom has been collecting vintage and antique buttons for years. as a teenager, it was kind of a joke how many jars of buttons there were in our house. every now and then, we used to pour some out and look through them. as an adult, when i visited home i started looking through my mom's buttons again, and thought it was such a shame for all these beautiful old things to sit in jars on shelves, or in boxes in sewing rooms, or wherever they've been discarded to. i picked out some of my favorites, and made some earrings. when i started wearing them, i couldn't believe the compliments i got on them. at least once a day someone commented on them.

i began collecting buttons and other vintage relics and turning them into jewelry. not all of them photograph well, but they have such a charm and uniqueness in real life, they always get noticed. i think it's more fun to have something different, and i love breathing new life into all these little things and transforming them into something that makes a statement instead of something that gets lost in time.

so, cameo is a little something for the vintage lady in you.
wear these lovelies and even when you're running around in jeans and a t-shirt your vintage style will shine through.

vintage goods, refashioned to fit your modern lifestyle.