Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday-Did You Know?

Did you know I have 4 older brothers?

My brothers and me at my wedding in 2007. ^ I didn't smile in their wedding pictures so the favor was returned-aren't they sweet?!

It's true. I'm one of 5 children, the other 4 are boys, and they're older than I am. Usually when I tell people I'm the youngest and the only girl they say things like "that explains a lot" or "I bet you were so spoiled" or "you must be a tough girl with only boys in your house growing up". And the truth is that all of those things are true. I'm guessing I would fall perfectly into a psychology study about my up-bringing and that I would fit the typical youngest and only girl characteristics to a T. I was absolutely spoiled. And I did learn to be tough, in lots of ways. But do you know what always comes next, what I always always always say right after this common conversation with people I meet? I always say, "and I still am spoiled". Because it's the truth. My 4 brothers and my parents still take care of me to this day.

For instance:

last week when our every mode of transportation bit the dust, my brother closest to me in age literally came to the rescue. He picked me up from the car shop and took me almost all the way home, and then I realized my house key was on my car keys, so he turned around and took me back to the car shop, I got my house key and then he took me all the way back home. And he never said one word of complain or did anything to make me feel stupid about what was clearly really stupid.

Then last night I got a text from another one of my big brothers that said, " I think I found you a new bike". That text alone nearly brought me to tears-just knowing he was thinking about me. So I asked for details, and he said, "I'm not sure if it's a girl bike or a boy bike, but if it's a boy bike we can just put tassels on the handle bars for you". haha! Then he invited us to his house for the weekend and we went to bed.

My other 2 brothers both have incredibly adorable children. And lots of them. And they are constantly doing amazing things with their children for us. They'll call me up and tell me to get on Skype and then their kids will sing me a song, or they'll send us sweet notes and pictures in the mail, and just do nice things randomly that make my day!
Several of our nieces and nephews ^ waiting for us to come out of the temple after our wedding.

And the best part is that I know, without a doubt, that if at anytime I needed anything at all, I could call my brothers and they would do whatever needed to be done.

And then there's my daddy-and you already know how I feel about him. If I'm having a rough week he'll just call me up and say "pack your bags I'm coming to get you to bring you home" and despite the fact that it's a 4 hour drive, my dad would be here in 4 hours if I asked him to be.

And the biggest blessing in my life, is my husband. Because he really is everything good about each of my brothers, and everything generous and kind about my dad, packed into one person. And he makes me happy.
Just got married-like 10 minutes ago. ^ Awww!

There's something about good men that inspires me to be a better woman. One of my very best friends growing up was a boy and he always made me want to be a better person. My grandpa is 90 yrs. old and still giving service like crazy - makes me want to be better.

Grandpa and me after my wedding-pardon the freaky eyes. ^
My dad and my brothers always make me want to be better. And my husband, never makes me feel like I need to be better, but that always makes me want to be better.

I also married into some incredible manly men. I gained 6 brothers in law, an incredible father in law, and the sweetest grandpa known to man-kind, when C and I tied the knot.
All the guys at our wedding. ^

Clearly I have a soft spot in my heart for good, righteous, kind, men. And I think when it comes to infertility their outlook often gets overlooked. So I wanted take this week as an opportunity to hear from some men who have dealt with infertility and or adoption. I am certain that I will be uplifted, enlightened, and informed and I think you will be too. So be sure to #1. have a good week and #2. check back daily for a different man's point of view on infertility and all it entails.

Have a great week everyone!

P.S. Did I mention we'll have a giveaway this week?