Monday, August 20, 2012

Small Town Life

I'm a small town girl, that's just how it is. I get a bigger rush atop a horse than any view from a skyscraper could provide. My senses react to the small of fresh rain on dirt, and a wood stove full of cedar, and clean wind on my face, and a hug from familiar arms. My heart nearly bursts as I step outside and see a sunset that only God Himself could have created, or as I gaze up at a sea of stars that can only be seen through fresh air and leafy trees. And I have dreams of making this magical summer that Nolan has spent in the mountains become less of a dream and more of a permanent reality. His days have been spent stark naked in the back yard playing with the hose, or on the mesa with his 92 year-old great-grandpa chasing cows wearing nothing but a diaper and a smile. His nights have consisted of laughing with cousins, reading books with Grandma and playing cars on the arm of Papa's recliner chair. Each morning brings a walk around the town complete with horse sightings, friendly visits, roosters saying 'good morning' and the bumpiest stroller ride of his life time because none of the roads are smoothly paved. This little boy has had a summer some can only dream of and I hope every single summer of his life is as blessed as this one was. I hope he gets to grow up in a town where it's okay to hang your head out the window and sing with the birds on Grandpa's bumpy road. And even though he's only 1, I hope with all my heart that somewhere in his, he'll carry a memory of the summer he got to spend with Papa Martin.