Monday, July 9, 2012

Fourth of July, 2012

 We had such an awesome 4th of July. When we were in Chicago with no news of my dad's cancer and no way to foresee our building catching on fire, I was certain we wouldn't make it home for the 4th. So when the turn of events put us in Eagar for the 4th, (even though the events that got us here weren't awesome) we were so excited. This is hands down the best place to be for the 4th and I'm so glad I got to be here and enjoy it with my family, especially my dad.

1 and 2: The fireworks from the view of my parents' roof. The best view in town.
3. My favorite firework picture taken by my niece. I love her fingers in the shot.
4. Nolan and Collin watching the parade with happy Grandma in the background.
5. Nolan with one of his two 92 year old Great-Grandpas.

Happy Monday!