Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My sweet family, all 22 of us. Taken by the beautiful Kaeli.

Dear readers, friends, family, fellow bloggers, and kind strangers, thank you. We're in the middle of some pretty hard stuff but never in my life have I felt more blessed. 

To the lady at church who found out our family likes cookies, thanks for bringing some over, 3 times.
To the friend who knows my mom likes lemon treats, thanks for bringing some, and dinner, twice.
To the cashiers, builders, sheet-rockers, and painters who wouldn't let us pay, thank you.
To the neighbors, near and far, who have offered your precious time, thank you.
To those who have brought food, movies, toys, clothing, and books, thank you.
To those who have stopped to visit, thank you.
To those who have insisted on babysitting so Collin and I could have a date, thank you.
To those who call, thank you.
To the sweet girl who took treasured family pictures, and donated her time, thank you. 
To any of you who have prayed, thank you.
To you sweet people who e-mail, text, call, or send cards, thank you.
To those who have offered cars, housing, food, clothes, time, money, and support...thank you.
To those who have driven hundreds of miles to offer support, thank you. 
To those who brought food so that my family didn't have to cook 1 single meal while we were all together last weekend, thank you.

This experience has taught me more than I ever expected to learn. It has taught me that there is an abundance of good people in this world, and I vow to spend the rest of my life trying to give service and be the kind of person that the people who have served us are.