Thursday, June 28, 2012

In A Matter of 17 Days

The past 17 days have looked like this for my family:

Monday: Found out my dad has a mass in his abdomen, will biopsy for cancer
Friday: Our apartment building catches fire, is nearly destroyed, we have to move now
Monday: Collin's school issued him too much money 1 year ago and they need it back now
Wednesday: It is cancer, it may have been there for 2 years, stage 4
Monday: In a rental car, on our way to look at apartments, get hit by a semi-truck
Wednesday: Fly home to be with family

Today: We are doing so well. But for those of you sweet people who have flattered us by wanting the link to our shop, or the template for Nolan's birth announcement, I regret to inform you, it will be a little while before we get that to you, and I really, am truly and genuinely sorry.

It's interesting how things can be so good, so normal, and so right, and then in a matter of what felt like no time, things can be turned upside down. But what I want you all to know is that even when things are upside down, they can still be right. We are at peace with lots of our belongings sitting in a smokey, wet apartment, that we will never see again. We are at peace with my dad having cancer and my goodness he's ready to fight the good fight and so are we. And you know what? I think we'll win. We spent hours in the Financial Aid office with Collin's school and we are at peace with the way things ended there. And we find so much peace in the miracle that was us walking away from the car accident without a single scrape, bruise, or cuss-word uttered. :)

We can not thank you enough for your prayers, texts, e-mails, insta-comments, wall posts, calls, visits, cards, notes, letters, flowers, food, love, and concern. It's people like you who make times like these seem more than okay.

Life is good, because we're having home made bread and watching the Diamondbacks on TV tonight, and well, life just doesn't get much better than that.