Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nolan-9 months

I can not believe it's been 9 months since Nolan was placed in our arms.
They have most certainly been the best 9 months of our lives.

At 9 months, Nolan has a few tricks:

He likes:
stopping the draining water in the tub with his bum
going on walks
singing songs
watching mama make bread (he loves the mixer)
seeing the record play go around and around
reading books
crawling around with toys in his mouth like a puppy dog
dancing and moving when music comes on

He has 6 teeth
He wears size 18-24 month clothes
He weighs around 25 pounds

He says:
patty-cake (in a jumbled, yet some how decipherable way)

He signs:
all done

He's learning:
not to spit
to fold his arms for prayers
'thank you'
to walk

Dear Nolan,

What an honor, blessing, and privilege it is to be your mama. You make life so full, so fun, and so wild! You can make any day brighter, and any moment happier. You've taught me so much about love. Thanks for choosing me to be your mommy and for loving me through all of my mess-ups. You're the best son anyone could have, and each night in my prayers, I thank Heavenly Father that you're mine. I love you, Nolan!

Love, Mama

Happy Tuesday!