Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Spoiled Eggs Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving this year was so fun, super low key, and delish. We invited a few friends from Collin's school over for dinner, and they were from other countries, so I didn't feel any pressure to put on the perfect Thanksgiving because I was hoping they wouldn't know the difference! Then, some of our dearest friends missed their flight to spend Thanksgiving with family elsewhere, which was a huge bummer for them, but so exciting for us because we got to have them over for dinner, except then the pressure was on! I had to make a good, real, authentic, Thanksgiving dinner with no margin for error! There were definitely errors, but that's the best thing about friends, they don't care and they love you anyway. We had a great day.

Highlights included:
Nolan trying mashed potatoes for the first time.

Playing English word games with our 'foreign' friends, and later looking back on that and realizing that maybe Catch Phrase with the guys who just learned English wasn't the best choice. :)

Having way too much food.

Collin looking handsome, as always.

Being together with friends.