Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday-Happy Things #1.

I don't know about you, but Tuesdays are sometimes a drag for me. Mondays are expected to be a drag so usually I can mentally gear up and compensate for the Monday Blues by at least being aware that Monday might be a stinker. But Tuesday...well I figure I should be well into my week and my to-do list by Tuesday, and when I'm not, sometimes Tuesday ends up being a worse day than Monday. So, here on My Spoiled Eggs, to combat the Tuesday rut that I (and maybe you too) find myself in, I'll be sharing a list of Happy Things to get me through the day! Today, I'll give you my list, but for the weeks to come, I'd like to share your list with the readers of My Spoiled Eggs. So come up with a few Happy Things and send them my way in an e-mail with the subject line 'HAPPY' and I'll feature you!! Now...here's my list of Happy Things:

1.The beach
2.Pretty Stationary
3.Ritz Chips (I'm obsessed)
4.My sweet little family
5.Going on walks/bike rides
6.Friendly strangers on the bus or the train
7.Skyping with Family (and making Markee into a pirate!)
8.Learning how to take better photos (with Nolan as my model)
9. The Hunger Games (we read these out-loud to each other and we're hooked!)
10. Chicago (we're LOVING living here. COME VISIT!)