Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Success Stories #1

I know you're probably sick of hearing my success story, especially if your success story hasn't totally come to pass yet, but here's the thing, I KNOW your success story will come to pass. I just know it. And what better way to get excited for your happy ending, than to hear from other people who have had happy endings? Each Wednesday I'll be featuring an infertility success story. To get the ball rolling, I'll share my success story today, and next week (I'm really excited for your to read her story!) I'll share with you the success story of one awesome lady. And after that how about we tell YOUR success story! That's right, send me your success story ASAP with the subject line "SUCCESS STORY" and you could be the Success Story #3, or #4, get the point! Anyway, here's my success story in a very brief, Reader's Digest, kind of way...

Collin and I met in February of 2007.

We went on our first date in March of 2007.

He kissed me in April of 2007.

He proposed to me in May of 2007.

I said yes. :)

I began birth control in July of 2007 (per doctors orders, as to have a month's worth in my system before our wedding day.)

We were married in August of 2007.

I quit taking birth control in August of 2007.

We tried to get pregnant from August of 2007-February 2009 with no "help".

I saw my OBGYN with pregnancy questions and had many tests run in March of 2009.

We got a phone call while on vacation saying we needed to see the doctor as soon as we got home in April of 2009.

We were told we'd likely never have children "naturally" in April 2009.

We had faith, tried Clomid, dieting, etc. from April 2009-December 2009.

We had no luck, and declared 2010 The Year Of The Baby and started My Spoiled Eggs in January 2010

Started the certification process for adoption in July 2010

Became certified in September 2010

Got our first e-mail from Makenzie in February 2011

Met Kenz in March of 2011

Brought Kenz home to live with us from March-April 2011

Sent Kenz home to prepare for baby, I graduated from college, and Nolan was born May 2011

Brought Nolan from Idaho to home in Arizona in June 2011

Had Nolan's adoption finalized and had him sealed to us in July 2011

And here we are in August 2011, living in Chicago, with little Nolan on our hips, and loving life.

Our time-line is nuts and we had 4 full years of crazy ups, downs, and inbetweens, but in the end God heard our prayers, and Makenzie found us, and we have a magical, miraculous, success story that I thank my Heavenly Father for every single day.

Happy Endings DO exist!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!