Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Monday

Last week (it actually might have been the week before that, I'm really losing track of time) my husband flew off into the Chicago sunset to find us a place to dwell for at least 2 years. Nol and I missed him a lot, but Collin totally delivered.

(A picture of one of the many he saw, but didn't get ^)
He looked at a ton of places, and finally settled on this one. (below) We love it.

And no, that's not our furniture. That's the staging furniture that was placed there to entice us to sign. And sign we (mostly he) did.

So now we have a place to live when we get to Chicago. In 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS! Did you hear that? Holy cow. We're getting awfully excited. I'm getting awfully emotional. And blogging lately has been awfully neglected. Forgive me as I try to do better!

In the mean time, have a very very happy Monday.

Oh and here's a picture for you to enjoy...

(Concentrate on his smile, not the ultra-blurriness of the phone picture).
Now, pardon me as I go shop for a new phone.
Happy Monday!