Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Care To Share?

I've decided to open up a guest-blogging opportunity to any of you who would like to spill your guts on My Spoiled Eggs.

I'll be "out of the office" (my virtual office) from July 28-August 7.

If you would like to have some free advertising for your blog, share your thoughts about infertility, share an adoption story, a list of things that makes you happy, or just a new venue to chat about your thoughts, e-mail me and we'll chat details.

If you've never guest-posted before, it's quite simple. You write down your thoughts and send them to me in HTML format, or just as text in an e-mail and I'll publish them on my blog. Easy peasy.

I'm hoping for 5-10 guest, and it's first come, fist serve, so if you want to be featured on My Spoiled Eggs, e-mail me ASAP!


Looking forward to hearing from you!