Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grab Snatch and Growl

When my mom was growing up they would eat a really healthy, good sized breakfast, and the same for lunch, and then for dinner my Grandma would tell them it was "grab, snatch, and growl" or in other words, fend for yourself and eat whatever you can find.

I do that to the people living in my house on occasion, but usually without the large breakfast and lunch to make it better (bless their hearts).

The other night was absolutely a grab, snatch, and growl night and by the time we all grabbed what we wanted for dinner and sat at the table, this is what we had come up with:

A Twix for Kenz...

a peanut butter and honey sandwich, a banana, and some pretzels, turned into a caterpillar...

and some left over Hawaiian Haystacks with a pineapple slice and a carrot for me.

Sort of mortifying, and sort of awesome.

Hopefully this doesn't become a habit!

Happy Wednesday!