Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There Is Beauty All Around

Do you take your breakfast like this?

Or like this?

I dropped an entire carton of eggs on my floor while preparing breakfast this morning, so frankly just having breakfast on a plate is good enough for me.

I was talking with a dear friend a while back who struggles with infertility. She had just gone through the painful process of IVF and she was pregnant with twins! We were talking about the years of infertility that had led up to her pregnancy and how now that she was finally pregnant, those infertility feelings should be gone, but they weren't. That made sense to me. She was pregnant, and she was having babies, but she was still infertile.

I've been waiting for the infertile feelings to kick back in since the news of our May Baby and they haven't yet. I'm still in the overly excited/scared out of my brains phase. But I know that one day in the future, those infertile feelings will return, if only briefly. And when they do, I will be grateful for modern medicine, and for strong women, which allows us infertiles to have children.

The world is filled with good people. Sometimes we have to look hard to find them, but it is worth the search.

Happy Tuesday.