Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekend Where I Lived Life

We had a great weekend consisting of


C turning this

into this

(I LOVE my new shoe rack!!! and I love C)

saying goodbye to dear friends

and eating delicious dessert

We also played a 2-man game of Hide and Go Seek. It was during that game that I learned a lot about C and me, and our relationship. You see, when he counts and I hide, he counts to 30 and then says

"Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie, if you're not ready holler 'I'"

and when I count and he hides, I count to 30 and then shout

"Ready or not, here I come"

and that, my friends, is our life in a nut shell. He's considerate, and I'm in your face whether you like it or not!

Speaking of weather, we had some beautiful rain this weekend.

Speaking of rain, from what I've heard, it rains {and snows} a lot where we're moving.

That's right, we're moving in MayJune, which is code for we're not sure exactly when we'll hit the road thanks to baby boy. :)

We're excited.

I hope you all had great weekends. Here's to another week.

Happy Monday!