Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Is What Happens

Monday morning, as I was riding my Schwinn to school, I took a big breath and it smelled like Spring. I don't really even know how to explain it but the air was fresh, cool, light, and breezy. I got butterflies in my stomach, and rode to school feeling happy.

Today, it's summer.

Though my idea of Spring didn't last as long as I would have liked, I'm grateful that I was outside when that Springy moment hit.

C and I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. I'm in my last semester of school which is amazing, but I could write a book series on how not to get through college, and chapter 1 would be called " Don't Save All The Classes You Hate For Your Last Semester". Anatomy/Physiology, Abnormal Psychology, Music History-so not my thing. C starts school in the fall, and all at once assumes the responsibility of providing for a wife and a child (woohoo!!) and is trying to manage moving out of state, starting a new program at school, up-keeping his website, staying on top of his design side projects, and building 101 things for our baby.

We're a bit stressed. But this morning as I was taking C to work, we talked about what makes us happy, and how to be happy when we're doing things that stress us out, and I realized that there is a little bit of that Spring-feeling in each day, we just have to make sure we're outside to feel it.

Our goal for the next week is to find happiness in each aspect of our lives, even the ones we don't enjoy as much.

What makes you happy? I really want to know.

Life is good. We have M in our life. We have a baby in our life. We have great friends and family in our life. We are happy.

Happy Thursday.