Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Excuses For Being Busy

As Spring Break (I actually don't know if "spring break" should be capitalized, but it is really important to me, so I saw it fit) came to a halt, we figured we better do some exciting stuff to wrap things up. On our list of killer sweet stuff to do was:

Trying on shades at Urban

Bowling with nieces and nephews (who knew they made such small bowling shoes? cute.)

Hung out with prego M, and prego sister in law...only to get a phone call later on that evening saying that prego sister in law was going into labor

Which brings me to Jace and Allie. Are we serious? Twins. Boy and girl. Flawless. DELICIOUS!!

And that summed up the end of our Spring Break.

We also had a fantastic water party with the family, but I was too busy jumping on the trampoline with the kids to take any pictures. So just imagine it. It's good. (M just informed me that she has photos....so perhaps you won't have to imagine much longer).

Spring Break is a much needed piece of heaven for which I will be eternally grateful.

Happy Tuesday.