Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Our V-day Looked Like + Answers To Questions

A lot of people detest Valentine's Day and all of the commercialization that goes along with, but I for one love it. I have my fair share of "wanting to be different" and I have the need to stick it to the man in a lot of cases, but I will never, ever, ever pass up an opportunity to spend a whole day celebrating the love I have with my husband. And the truth is, yes we should celebrate it every day, but life gets busy and priorities get jumbled up, and a day set aside to remember our love is always in order.

There, now that I've justified my love for Valentine's Day, I'll share some of the things we did to celebrate!

These conversation pillow cases were my gift to C.

And when I came home from my late class, there was a note taped to the back door

that requested my presence beneath the Mulberry Tree, where I found this

My Valentine surprised me with a delicious dinner in the most romantic setting, and a rocking chair to rock my baby to sleep in. And the best part is that we get to refurbish it together. We love projects.

We then debated going out for a movie or staying home. We opted to stay in and snuggle and watch a movie.

It was a perfect day. I love C to pieces.

Now...on to some of your questions.

Here goes:

Tons of your are wondering
Is May baby a boy baby or a girl baby?

May baby is also known as Baby Boy. :) We're thrilled.

Those of you who already knew that baby boy was baby boy want to know what we'll call him
Do you have any names picked out yet?

Yes, about 7. :) We're collaborating with M to pick something the 3 of us will love. We're getting closer each day.

Lastly for today, I've had lots of requests to hear the "adoption" story. The adoption story has just begun, so there will be lots more to come, but for now I can start by sharing how we met M, and some of the fun details that have happened so far. That will come tomorrow though, so check back.

Keep the questions coming, they are so fun! And Uncle Sherrod, when we pick a name, you're at the top of the list. :)

Tomorrow: adoption story chapter 1 and a GIVEAWAY!

Happy Tuesday!