Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Our last giveaway was sort of a disaster and it was all my fault. Our giveaway was awesome and everybody wanted in on it, but I failed to mention that it is a local-Phoenix Arizona-based business and only those that are in the area, or are planning on being in the area should enter. Sorry about the confusion, and sorry to all of you out of towners. I will make it up to you! Now, on to the giveaway!


You know her, you've read about her, you've visited her blog, and you've seen her button on my sidebar. But if you haven't had the chance to visit her, now is your time! She's Emily Yeager and she's a nail extraordinaire! Here's what she does:

Glitter Toes are a gel application that takes about 20 min to do and last for 6-8+ weeks depending on how fast your toes grow.

They are instantly dry when we are done and are thinner than acrylic toes.

You get your cuticles all cleaned up and toes shaped in the process.

They come in a collection of color's that you choose and are only $20.

Age 12 and under are $15.

If you host a party of 6 or more, you get yours for free!

The winner of this giveaway will get yours for free!!! :)

Em also does Shellac now too and they are uhhhh-mazing!

Here's how to enter:
Visit Em's blog and leave her some love, and then comment here telling me you did so.

Comment telling me your favorite nail color ever!

Grab the Spoiled Eggs Button

Become a Spoiled Eggs Follower

If you're infertile, were adopted, are certified to adopt, or have children who were adopted, you get an extra entry.

Giveaway opens now and closes next Tuesday! Good luck!!

Happy Wednesday!