Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adoption Chapter 1

Sundays are always sweet for me. They're a little bit slower, full of spiritual enlightenment, and we're usually enveloped in family love. This Sunday was no different. We had been to 3 hours of church where we spent time worshiping, and gaining strength from those in attendance, and then we came home, had a nap, and made cookies and soup. We laughed in the kitchen together and I especially giggled when C insisted on being the one to make the cookies. He made quite the mess! Flour, sugar, and oatmeal were everywhere and to me it was the perfect scene. We finished in the kitchen, and loaded up our goodies in the car and headed to C's parents' house. We spent the rest of the afternoon and into the evening with brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and grandparents eating dinner, discussing current events and church/gospel topics, and of course watching football.

At some point during the riveting football game, my phone informed me that I had a new e-mail. I looked at my inbox only to see what appeared to be a filthy spam messaged entitled "couple contact". I ignored it, but for some reason, didn't delete it, and fell back into that ever so peaceful sleep one gets during a football game.

After the game we said thank you and goodbye to our family and headed home. On the way home I decided to call my mom because I hadn't talked to her yet that day and, well, I talk to my mom every day. We had a good chat, and we got to talking about something good because before I knew it, we were home, and still in the middle of a good conversation. C opened the door for me and we went inside. C headed for the bathroom to brush his teeth before bed, and I sat down at the computer to finish my conversation with mama. While talking to my mom, I pulled up my e-mail again and saw that dirty e-mail still sitting there. "Couple Contact" it said, and for some reason I was drawn to it. I actually felt inspired to open it. And I justified opening it by saying to myself "I'm on the phone with my mom!! If this is a bad e-mail I will just scream, tell my mom about it, and all will be well". So I opened it.

"Hey! I read your message & looked at your pictures! I am a 19 year old, expecting mother of a baby boy..."

To Be Continued.....

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