Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To eat or Not to eat


I'm totally focusing on the foods I can eat.
There's a really big list of foods I can't eat, and I like most of them!
But instead of dwelling on that, here's a list of foods I (mostly) like, some of which are in my fridge as we speak, and are good for ovulation:

whole grains
butter (NOT margarine)
whole milk-in my fridge
yogurt made with whole milk-in my fridge
ice cream made with whole milk
broccoli-in my fridge
peanuts-in my cupboard
snow peas
celery-in my fridge
cucumber-in my fridge
cauliflower-in my fridge
lettuce-in my fridge
green beans-in my cupboard
olive oil
cheese (you guessed it, made with whole milk)-in my fridge

Now, I realize that this is basically a giant list of vegetables and that a person needs more than vegetables. But the reason for all the veg. is 2-fold. First, not a lot of fruit is currently in season. I have been consuming a lot of citrus, and bananas, and grapes. But for the most part, good fruit, and inexpensive fruit is going to have to wait a couple months. And secondly, after Harvard followed 19,000 women over the course of several years, they found out that vegetables (among other healthy stuff) is directly linked to ovulation.

So, I vow to eat more veg.
I had a salad the size of Texas yesterday and though I did indeed drizzle it with Ranch Dressing, the veggies still made it inside my bod nonetheless.

This food list is the base for my meals.
Especially the beans.
Beans are a great source of protein and I've researched a bajillion recipes that have beans be the focal point of the dish.

And that my friends is what you can expect tomorrow.

Yummy, healthy, bean recipes.

Awesome right?

Please oh please if you have any great bean dishes, send them my way. I would LOVE to add them to my recipe collection and share them tomorrow in my bean blog.

Eating healthy hasn't been all that bad so far. But 1 day is a grain of sand compared to the beach I have ahead.

I can do it! We can do it!
Here's to vegetables and ovulation!

Happy Tuesday!