Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coming To You Live...

...from the laundromat.

Yes, that's the divorce court on tv. Awesome huh?
It's been 3 weeks.
You read that right.
3 weeks.
Nearly a whole month since I last did laundry.
I don't know which is more embarrassing; that it's been 3 weeks or that we have enough clothes to go 3 weeks without doing laundry.
I guess this is the ultimate "airing of dirty laundry" as I spill my guts.
Anyway, I like this laundromat, and I'm able to do like 18 loads at a time.

Today is bean day.
I'm sure my brothers are singing the "beans beans the magical fruit" song right now.
I'll try to do us all a favor make beans a little more dignified than that.
I've had several of you comment or e-mail your favorite bean recipes and some of your other favorites as well.

Christina sent this link.
Jenn loves quinoa (never even heard of it before) and shared this link.
Shayla likes lima beans with a little butter and salt in the microwave.
Angela loves quinoa too and shared this green smoothie recipe:

if you have this stuff, use it:
1/2 avocado
almond milk
frozen mangos
a tiny bit of OJ

if you don't have all that stuff, here's an easier recipe:
tons of spinach
frozen mangos
fresh squeezed OJ

And when I'm looking for super healthy recipes I tend to visit one of 2 sites:
Trainer Momma
And Bridget from Itsahuntlife (click on 'food' on her side bar)

I'm planning on making bean loaf (a bean version of meat loaf) this weekend.
I'll keep you posted.

Thank you all so much for sending recipes in and just being awesome! You guys rock.
And please send me more recipes! I'm loving them!

Now if you'll excuse me while I go put my laundry in the dryer.

Happy Wednesday!