Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday-Did You Know?

It has been so fun researching baby-making foods.
I've learned a ton.
Way too much to share in one day.
I think I'll take 5 days to share it all.
Today I'm going to start with linking you all do my favorite research sites,
and sharing with you key pieces of knowledge I have learned.

The links:
The Fertility Diet
Newsweek's Take on TFD
Boston Channel's Take on TFD
USNews' Take on TFD

I learned from reading those articles (some of them are 9 pages long!) that when trying to conceive, slow carbs are better than fast carbs.

I didn't know what slow carbs and fast carbs were, nor did I know what foods fit into which category. So here's some more stuff I found.

Info. on fast carbs
Info. on slow carbs
A food list
Another food list

I learned that if pure glucose breaking down in our body is registered as 100, then we would want to eat food that breaks down at a much lower registered number, like 15-50. (I still have a lot to learn about this, so if you have extra information or if I've said something wrong, please let me know!)

After I read up on a lot of this stuff I made a list of foods I want to avoid, foods I want to eat less of, foods that are neither here nor there, and foods I want to eat a lot of.

It's a long list, so I'll give you a preview and then post the whole thing tomorrow.

white flour

Eat Less Of:
beets (just cuz they're gross)

Neither Here Nor There:

Eat A Lot Of:
snow peas
whole milk

I know that's a lot to digest for today (sorry I couldn't help it), so I will leave this with you until tomorrow.

I had an enormous salad for lunch, and it felt good!
I plan on having something similar, but a bit more tasty for dinner.
Updates to come!

P.S. Our giveaway winner doesn't live in the area and therefor can't travel to Emily's house to get her toes done, so I will be picking a new winner tomorrow for the Glitter Toes Giveaway!

Happy Monday!