Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Tells-Party's Over

The Pity Party that is. I'm surrounded constantly by sweet people telling me about their trials and struggles,and their great attitudes and triumphs inspire me, and I'm so grateful for all of you sharing your stories with me. Speaking of being grateful, I've been being a Negative Nancy and it's already 16 days into November and I've not hopped on the "Say 1 thing every day you're grateful for on your blog" band wagon. Shame on me. And though I just kind of mocked it a little bit, I really am ashamed for not letting this season of gratitude change my attitude. So the grumpiness, the absolute disgust for school, and the infertility pity party stops now! Since I'm 16 days behind, I'll start today with 16 things I'm grateful for. I am grateful for:

16. My husband
15. My family
14. My friends
13. My church calling
12. The gospel
11. A warm home
10. Being almost done with school
9. Infertility (it's true)
8. My ukulele
7. Vehicles (especially the scooter)
6. Financial struggles that have taught me frugality
5. Food
4. This gorgeous weather
3. Music (especially music that isn't the classical junk they make me listen to at school)
2. Thanksgiving Break
1. Christmas is coming!

Happy Tuesday everyone. I promise to be an Optimistic Oliver and put my Negative Nancy shoes in the closet for a while.