Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday-Did You Know?

Our weekend was spent with me barfing and C relishing in his very own Halloween bliss. It's true, I got so sick I could hardly stand it, and it just had to be during one of C's favorite times of year. Luckily, I don't have any overwhelmingly fantastic feelings towards Halloween. Isn't that awful? Anyway, despite being ill, I humored my husband (because he totally deserves it) and dressed up as a mad scientist while we went to a pretty amazing party.

You see, my husband being the creative genius that he is, was in charge of "the lab". During the Halloween party, children could come to the lab, draw a picture of an awesome monster, and then C would turn their picture into a real-life stuffed animal. See?

He ended up making like 20 that night. They were all pretty stinking cute. You can see more here.

So after the 3 Halloween nights were over (yes we saw Halloween action Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights) we found ourselves talking and dreaming about the day we have children and what Halloween will be like.

We ultimately decided that C will be the one in charge of taking the kids trick-or-treating being that I have little to no experience in that arena, and I will stay home making warm delicious drinks for the little creatures for when they get home.

I hope everybody had a magnificent Halloween, and I hope everybody gets back into the week day groove a little faster than I am. :)

Happy Monday!