Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday-Did You Know?

Did you know I'm undeserving-ly spoiled? It's true.

I really wish I could put my birthday into words, but alas I can not. Instead I shall send my birthday down in history via photographs and captions.

At nearly midnight, the night before my birthday I was "heart-attacked" by some really amazing family friends. I was speechless, and quite frankly still am.

The next morning, I was awakened by a precious mini-bouquet of wild flowers from my sweetheart, a better view of my heart-attacked lawn from The Lowes, and a throw back to the 80's from my bangs. I couldn't have asked for more.

After that I was whisked away to breakfast by my older brother Sherrod who just happened to be in town. We were treated to scrumptious croissants, sticky buns, and hot chocolate sent straight from heaven.

What happened next left me in awe, and without any inclination to produce my camera and document the goodness. My sweet husband had arranged for my brother to chauffeur my buns to a spa where I relished in my first ever massage, followed by my first ever facial. Two hours of 100% ecstasy. It was unreal.

After I came back from my Utopia-induced coma, I was escorted to my sweet MIL and FIL's house where I was sung to, and presented with what is the gift that made me the most giddy. Behold....

That's right folks, my very own ukulele. I could have died happy at that moment, but instead my day went on.

I then modeled my new purse. My friend Markee, the one who just gave birth to her second child while her husband is overseas protecting our country's freedom, remember her? Well she had the forethought to throw a purse in a box (having no idea that my old purse had just broken) and she mailed it just moments before she went into labor. She's wonder woman. And the purse is my new obsession.

Then, our dear friends, the Peters showed us a night on the town, including a phenomenal dinner, and a Suns game! It was dreamy. I think it's a personal gift from God that basketball season starts during my birthday. C and I practiced for the Kiss Cam all night long, but they never did zero in on us. I'm over it.

I received the sweetest card in the mail from my parents, and an adorable note from my grandpa. I was spoiled with notes, phone calls, e-mails, and texts all day long.

As I sit here writing about my day, I can't help but shake my head in awe and wonder at the blessings I have. I have a husband who goes out of his way every day, not just on my birthday, to make me happy. I have friends who think of me and do the most considerate things on my behalf. I have parents who I cherish. I have family whom I adore. I have blessings beyond measure. I am one spoiled rotten girl, but I'm also one grateful girl. And after a birthday like that, I realize that though there are things I don't have (like babies) I am still the luckiest girl in the world.

Thank you everybody for making my day so special with birthday wishes and bits of love.

Happy Monday!