Thursday, October 21, 2010

For The Love of G-Chat

Being a young married girl, I still feel like I do teenager-type stuff, a little too often. For instance, I never make my bed, I talk back to myself when I ask myself to do the dishes, I stare down girls who I think are being mean, and I care way too much about what other people think of me. None of these are things I'm proud of, and they are absolutely things I try to work on regularly. But alas, I still am a teenager at heart.
{photo taken right before my dance class in 2009 with the birthday piano from husband}

My main illustration of this point is that sometimes when C and I are in different rooms of the house, I will text him-just to be dumb. It always makes me laugh, and it usually gets his attention even if he's super busy bringing home the bacon. Another one of my favorites is to G-Chat the hubs. We often G-Chat while sitting right next to each other. Embarrassing, I know. Yet we somehow get the biggest kick out of it. Anyway...a few hours ago my sweet husband g-chatted me my "birthday schedule for tomorrow".
{My 21st birthday cake-2008}

That's right...I get to celebrate 23 whole years of life tomorrow. I'm actually quite excited. Usually I feel more comfortable not mentioning my birthday and flying under the radar, but I'm happy to be alive, I love my life, my love, my marriage, and my current circumstances, and I feel blessed to get to celebrate all of those things! Anyway, I refuse to plan my own birthday, it just seems a little to "me, me me," for me, (ha) so I generally say "I don't even need anything for my birthday, let's just hang out" and wait to see what that turns into. C never disappoints, because even an evening of doing nothing, getting nothing, and going nowhere is an evening of love and happiness if I'm with C. (Barf if you must.) So, back to the's the schedule he sent me via G-Chat:

1230pm - get ready and look cute

1pm - whisk off for a magical ... ladidadida
3pm - photos with tassi

6pm - dinner with peters

730pm - suns game

1030pm - ice cream type treat

1130pm - get rest from a wonderful day of awesome
does that sound about right?

My answer to that question my love is yes, that does sound about right! Memories via pictures, food, and basketball? Absolutely. Needless to say, I'll be much too busy tomorrow to blog :), so here's an early Happy Weekend everyone!

{A very happy me on a very happy 21st birthday}

**I have no pictures of my 22nd birthday because I was cranky...another story for another day.