Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Tells-A Bed Time Story

Cornelia Jane Womack Harris is my great, great grandma. She was given a gorgeous bed as a wedding gift in the mid 1800's and she took very good care of it. That bed made its way from descendant to descendant until it ended up in Austin Texas with my Dad's 1st cousin, where it stayed for many years. One summer, my Aunt Kitty and I took a trip to Austin to visit family (may I please just insert here my absolute love for Austin, Texas? I can? Thanks.) and I was offered the guest room. When I walked in, I saw what I thought was the most stunning bed in the world, and it was comfortable too. I must have made a big stink about the bed and how much I loved it because just a few years later, on my wedding day, that gorgeous wedding bed was passed down to me. My heart was full, and I still am filled with awe whenever I walk into our bedroom and see that gorgeous bed. Here are some features I do and do not like about our awesome bed:

its uniqueness

it's tiny which naturally induces nightly snuggles

its history

it's dark wood

it still has the original mattress, both very cool, and very disgusting, but it's so old that a standard size mattress won't fit it

Yeah, I only have one major dislike. Everything else about the bed is so dreamy (pun absolutely intended). Anyway, for years there have been stories about certain beds being fertile beds, and I always thought "well, this bed came from a woman who had children, and she gave it to somebody who had children, and it made its way down to me, so it's totally got to be a fertile bed" but alas...it has proven to be a good looking bed, but not a fertile bed for us. Maybe our infertility has to due with the thick mattress cover I put on top? I feel an experiment coming on. We'll keep you posted.

Happy Tuesday!