Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday-Did You Know?

Did you know that my oldest brother and his wife had their baby last week and so my mom rushed to their side and subsequently never posted her story on here last week? I say it's a pretty good excuse. I can not wait to see that baby. My mom says he's already miniature but when you hold him he tucks his legs up under himself and he rolls into a ball and is even smaller!

Did you know that I'm a student? It's true. I started school a couple weeks ago at a large university and I'm glad that it gives me something else to think about.

Did you know that for a couple of the first days of school I took photos of myself to send to my husband at work? For your viewing pleasure...

Did you know that I go to church every Sunday? Yesterday I heard something that motivated me to be a better person this week, especially in regards to my infertility. The woman who was talking said that she lost her first baby to miscarriage and her second baby was still born a few weeks ago. Then she said this:

"I find myself saying 'it's not fair' so often, and then one day I realized that the biggest blessing in our lives is that it's not fair. If it were all fair, we would have had to have suffered in the garden and on the cross just like Jesus did so that He could say that it's fair. But since we didn't have to suffer, it really isn't fair, and that's a miracle."

It totally gave me a new perspective on my infertility. At least for today. How many times I've said "it's not fair" to my husband is beyond me. Each time somebody announces a pregnancy. Each time somebody announces a second, or a third pregnancy. Each time somebody gets pregnant accidentally. I always seem to echo that same phrase. But now I realized that it isn't fair. Nothing's fair. And if it were I would have suffered far worse pain. What a miracle that this life doesn't play by the rules that says everything has to be fair. Infertility is awful. And though some would argue, I think there are worse things. And if life were fair then everybody would be infertile, and we'd all have bigger things to deal with.

So this week, I'm going to try to refrain from using that phrase in a negative way. This week I'm going to try to say,

"It's not fair and I'm so glad".

Happy Monday everyone. Have an amazing week. :)