Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kind Of A Pill

I'm kind of a pill lately.
Everything makes me cry.
Or indifferent.
Husband has been a CHAMP.

I think I can blame most of my pill-ness on my infertility. And more accurately probably on the pills I'm taking. The side affects ROCK. So far I've experienced bloating {perfect}, weight gain {exhilarating}, the weirdest muscle/bone aches you can comprehend {awesome}, and a ton of emotions that can switch like changing the channel on TV {glamourous}.
I shouldn't complain. My body doesn't perform 2 of its feministic functions and I can take a pill every morning that makes my body perform those functions. That kind of rocks.

I've recently {in the last 30 seconds} realized that when I have children I will no longer have anything to blame my lameness on. I guess that's one thing infertility is good for; it provides a constant excuse for anything awful I do, feel, or say.

I might start going to these:

Could be cool. And helpful. I'll probably cry when I get there. Sweet.