Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wisconsin in a Top 10 List

10 things I didn't know I would love about Wisconsin:

10. The accents. My favorite so far has been checking out at the grocery store and the attendant asking me if I wanted my gum in a 'bage'. I had to ask her to repeat herself and with my excellent use of context clues, I put 2 and 2 together and realized that 'bage' was Wisconsinite for 'bag'. I opted out of the bag and just put my gum in my purse.

9. Nobody waters their lawns, it has only rained once since we've been here, and everything, EVERYTHING is green. Something weird is going on, and I like it. 

8. For our first several nights in Wisconsin, we stayed in a hotel with Sleep Number beds. Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln (name that movie) we've been missing out. Collin: 74. Ashlee: 34. I'm a softy.

7. Our little town is nestled comfortably between Milwaukee and Chicago. Therefore, good shopping and fantastic restaurants are available upon necessity, but peace, quiet, silence, friendly hellos, and vegetable gardens for miles are available upon walking outside, anywhere. 

6. They said the cheese was good, and I suppose I believed them but I think I somewhat blew them off. Then I had a burger with Wisconsin cheese on it, and my belief turned into a testimony. The cheese is good. Amen. 

5. Wisconsinites put security tags on their laundry detergent. I got a little too close to the exit with my bottle of Tide and the whole county knew it. These people really care about their clean clothes. Here here!

4.  Everybody seems to have been born with, or at some point acquired a little sauciness. At church the women sass each other and then all burst into laughter. On the streets everybody greets you with a little sarcasm and then the friendliest of welcomes. It's sort of fabulous.

3. Hand lotion has no market here. Now, I'll admit, my first week here my body forgot to tell my skin that I'm not 13 anymore and the humidity made me break out like I was literally right in the middle of puberty again. It was awful. But since then, my skin (particularly my hands) have been in HEAVEN!

2. The cheese is good, like I mentioned, but Wisconsin is also quite famous for her beer. That meant nothing to me, as I'm not a drinker of the alcoholicness, but what everybody forgot to tell me was that Wisconsin should be famous for her root beer. There is a different brew at each restaurant and I'm here to tell you, ain't nobody got time for A&W anymore. Ain't NOBODY. 

1. The beach. The beach, the beach, the beach.