Friday, September 13, 2013

Growing Up

Well, he did it! Nolan is potty trained! This is big news in our house and though it wasn't the easiest 3 days of our lives, it has been so so SO worth it. He's a champ, and this ^^ picture describes exactly how I feel about it. In addition to potty training, Nolan also graduated to a big boy bed (no more crib for this kid) and we also completely gave up sippy-cups. None of these things were easy but the combo has been life-changing. My diaper bag (if I even carry one) has next to nothing in it anymore, Nolan naps and sleeps anywhere, which makes hotel-staying a breeze, and I haven't cleaned up a sippy-cup spill or really any drink spill in weeks. I'm so proud of this little boy and his incredible resilience, endurance, and patience with his mama and her crazy ideas of helping Nolan be a big boy!