Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Moments

This morning my mom was so busy filling out paperwork, making phone calls, and trying to clean the house while Nolan and I had just gotten back from visiting the horses. Nolan was covered in PB&J and the smell of horses, and I was so looking forward to him finishing his lunch and going down for his nap so I could sit down and get some work done. The phone rang and I think my mom and I were both hoping it would be a telemarketer or a recorded political message so we could just hang up and get back to work.

Instead it was Grandpa telling us he had a whole bunch of deer at his ranch drinking from his pond. We dropped everything we were doing, loaded Nolan up in the truck and drove out to see the deer. On the way out there all I could think about was my busy life and how many times I don't drop everything I'm doing to enjoy something rare and beautiful. I think I am way too important to enjoy the small things in life sometimes and in reality, the small things are exactly what are important. I was so grateful this morning that my Grandpa called, that my mom said "let's go" and that we took the time to see and enjoy something so beautiful.