Thursday, March 29, 2012

Q & A Week Day 4

Nolan's crib was a labor of love. Collin started building it shortly after we met Makenzie. He had a list a mile long of things he wanted to make for our baby boy, and on top of that list was a funky, one-of-a-kind, home made crib. So he ran across some shipping pallets that were going to be thrown away, he sanded and sealed them, and had 2 sides of the crib ready to go. But he needed something to use on the ends.

Just around that time Collin's parents were getting rid of some doors that had once hung in their living area. They were big, beautiful, white doors from the house Collin had spent his teenage years in and they were the perfect ends to Nolan's crib. So Collin cut them to size, and attached them to the crib, and there it was. A perfectly unique, sentimental, home-made crib.

Currently Nolan's sleeping in his home-made crib, or else I would snap some photos of the doors, etc. But maybe that'll come in the vlog.

Speaking of the vlog, right now it's going to be about 10 seconds long because our question pool is shallow. So unless you want to see a vlog of Collin and me doing the Hokey Pokey, send some questions/requests our way.

Thanks for playing along this week, and thanks for e-mailing and commenting with questions. It's been fun!

Happy Thursday! (This means cleaning day for us. Woo hoo.)