Friday, March 30, 2012

Goodbye Q & A Week

{A happy, clapping Nolan, because Daddy's home.}

Well, there you have it. A whole week of flattering myself by thinking that you all really care about my thoughts and opinions on any subject at all. So thank you. Thanks for humoring me. :) It really has been so fun! But lest you thought the self-flattery was over, there is a vlog yet to come. In fact, I'm breaking one of my cardinal rules of blogging and I will post said vlog tomorrow, on a Saturday. (I believe in a true weekend, people. No blogging for me on Saturday and Sunday.) But nothing's worth anything if it's not up for an exception now and then, right? Right. So tonight, for date night, we will eat stuffed peppers, watch 3 episodes of Community, 1 episode of The Office, and then after our minds are nice and numb from hours of tv, we will vlog with the answers to your awesome questions. Seriously, we've been giggling just reading them.

So happy Friday to you all. Wish Nolan less sniffles and coughs. And we will see you all in the morning.

Happy Friday!